Get the most out of your employee benefits package.

Your benefits brand strategy is enhanced by expert advisors, better HR technology, and high-touch support.

What we do

We believe that the best benefit broker experience for employers is one where you get responsive service, continuous assistance for your HR team, and a custom made solution designed to fit your needs.

Boutique Service

Efficient Technologies

Experienced Advisors

People FIrst

Improve your employees retention and team performance by providing the best benefits package that fits your budget, industry and needs. An employee that feels safe and well protected is more productive.

Benefits Consultant

  • Drives strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Solutions
  • Carrier Liaison


  • Enrollment Mgmt and QA
  • Enrollment Materials
  • Eligibility
  • Systems Integration

Account Manager

  • Day to day services
  • HR & Benefits Questions
  • Escalations
  • Legislation & Compliance

Claims Disputes

  • Claims Disputes
  • Billing Reconciliation
  • Wellness Education
  • FInancial Guidance

Benefits Consultant

  • Drives strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Solutions
  • Carrier liaison

Support your HR Team

We partner with HR to keep you up to date on new legislation and benefits administration by providing a customized service calendar so you stay ahead of the benefits administration and can focus on your business.

As unique as your business

Get the most out of your benefits plan, by creating a custom solution that results in a simpler, more transparent and affordable health insurance for your team.

Claims Analytics

& Legislation

Online Enrollment
& HR Support

Communications & Marketing


Benefits branding
Places you at the Center of all we do

Get a deep dive into your benefits options and needs. We have developed a 360 process that analyzes your team needs, your budget, benchmark local competitors and industry to provide a comprehensive package with all what you need, and nothing that you won't.


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