Everything you need to set a new standard for benefits

We have build three service package to help you manage your benefits and protect your people, or talk to our expert to help you customize your own.

Complete Benefits Suite

The suite consists of ten core administrative services packaged to cover all the essential services and solutions needed to run an efficient employee benefits program.
Premier Health Plans
Wellbeing Benefits
Dedicated Employee Advocates
Mobile Enablement & Enrollment
Rich Analytics, Insights & Guidance
Turnkey Systems Integrations
Consolidated Invoicing
Premium Reconciliation
No-Touch COBRA FSA, Commuter Benefits
Build-in Compliance

Gainefits Broker

Experienced Advisors to help you manage your benefits
BYO Payroll System
Complete Benefits Suite
Benefits Administration
Renewal Strategy
Benefits Marketing
Open Enrollment
Benefits Guide
Carrier relations
Employee 1:1 support
HR Support
Weekly HR Webinars
PEO Migration
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Gainefits HR

Experienced Advisors to help you manage your benefits
$29 /PEPM
All Gainefits Broker Features
Platform Management
HRIS, BenAdmin
Mobile Device Benefits
Onboarding / Offboarding
Time & Attendance
Device Management
Eligibility management
“Living” Employee Handbook
Employee Online Training
No Touch COBRA/FSA/Commuter Benefits
SPD Wrap / POP Documents
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Gainefits Concierge

Experienced Advisors to help you manage your benefits
From $59 /PEPM
All Gainefits HR Features
One on one Consultant
HR Outsourcing
HR Guidance
Hiring / Performance 15/5
Policy & Procedures
Culture Branding &  Communications
Telephonic Concierge Virtual Enrollments
Salary Survey
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Build your own solution

HR Management
IT & Operations Management
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Suport your HR team

Benefits Consultant

  • Escalations
  • Renewals
  • Strategy
  • Carrier liaison


  • Onboarding
  • Enrollment Mgmt and QA
  • Systems Integration
  • Enrollment Materials

Account Manager

  • Employee Benefits Questions
  • Claims Disputes
  • Compliance

Employee Advocate

  • Payroll / EDI operations
  • Billing Reconciliation

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